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Litter Monitoring Body

The main role of the Litter Monitoring Body is to:

A) Assist the local authorities in their efforts to prevent and control litter pollution. This will involve the dissemination of information on litter prevention and control, Best Practice (both Irish and international) and the provision of advice on the compilation of Litter Management Plans as required under the Litter Pollution Act, 1997

B) Develop and provide guidance on a methodology by which local authorities can survey their own administrative areas in order to allow them to identify litter blackspots, assess the success of their own anti-litter initiatives, and better direct their resources and personnel;

C) Assess the performance of the local authorities in relation to their duties under the Litter Pollution Act and the objectives of their own Litter Management Plans

D) Report on national litter prevention and control progress to the Department of the Communications, Climate Action and Environment and to the local authorities themselves. The information will subsequently be included in reports to be published by the Department

E) Advise the Department on litter management planning at national level.

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