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The purpose of this section it to post details to local authorities on Reports due to be published including Systems Survey Results, Audit Report, litter events including Seminars, additional features to the website and any amendments to the System.

Systems Survey Report; 2023

The System Survey Report 2021 is currently being prepared for publication. The System Survey Report 2020 is available at the link below. All previous System Survey Reports are available in the System Survey Results section of this website

Systems Survey Report 2023


Audit Report; 2023

Audit Report 2023


Litter Surveying

Litter Monitoring Survey Plan

Number of Litter Pollution Surveys

Number of Litter Quantification Surveys


Systems Survey Information

Survey Memorandum

Litter Pollution Survey Database

Litter Quantification Survey Database

Litter Pollution Survey Form

Litter Quantification Survey Form

Area Cleanliness Ratings: Example Photos

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